Monday, June 11, 2012

Results from Day ONE 6/9/2012

We had a great time, and an amazing response from the first day of the festival. Many Many people were interested and stopped by to make some really nice sculptures. Everything from works of art that took hours to angry rants that only took a few minutes.

They used the sun to burn the wood, markers, saws, strings, wood pegs, you name it, they did it. Some of my favorites were the people who used a natural part of the wood like a branch or a knothole as the basis of their work. 

Check out "Shoot the Moon" for example....

Here are just SOME of the pictures of the many great pieces that were done.

Kate and Tim at the end of the day with some of day one sculptures

Olly and Dave were there early and did the first 2 sculptures.

It takes a steady hand to draw with sun and a magnifying glass...

Shoot Da Moon one of tim's favorites

This guy went all out and missed his ferry.

Kid doing a launch.

One of Kate's favorites. The kid jumped on the board and wanted to make a surfboard. I suggested he trace his feet, and he did, but what funky feet!

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