Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Figment June 7 and 8 2014

Once more into the breach...

Figment 2014 was a big success, the biggest change is that it was really really sunny all day both days. This meant that everybody got totally into burning stuff with the magnifiers, and about 80% of the art was done that way.

The large Fresnel lens, before it was broken, would actually start flames in 10 seconds or so if the wood was good and solid.

See the pictures below.

Dawn on the harbor, so peaceful and beautiful on the ferry ride out there.

The first  customers. They made one of the most sophisticated sculptures, a helicopter.

Helicopter in flight.

This Dude mugged for this picture, then I helped him light a "cigarette" with the magnifier. The name of their band is "Bong Island" we didn't get a chance to see them perform.

This kid very serious!

One of our favorites a hand. Somebody actually came by and stole this one to take home.

We were told this is the ancient symbol for fire!

We were almost overrun by this huge group of kids, but they all made stuff and had fun.

Taking a break.

A tiger.

A very detailed Kanji, who knows what it says. 

A really cool drawing of a face.

One of the favorites, super cute.

Flowers with roots.

This took quite a while notice how thick the writing is.

This kid and her dad were really funny. When we expressed concern that she was too little for drill, he said "Its ok she is four, and just small for her age" So thats the cutoff for power tools four years old.

This woman and her son have come to see us every year for the last three. They said it is their favorite part of Figment. Maybe we should put them on the payroll.

We really liked this one.

If you zoom in you can see that her sculpture totally matches her outfit.

This is the release phase. They wouldn't let us do it on the island.