Monday, June 4, 2012

Directions, Updates, the info you have been waiting for...

Hey There,

We are all set, I have collected way too much wood and annoyed all my friends and loved ones in asking for help. Our bikes are in the living room because the bike room is full of driftwood, my house smells like burlap coffee sacks, and I'm hoping for no rain.

Official details of the festival are here: figment website.

My project will be over by Castle William, when you get off the ferry take a right turn go past the beach bar along the water, and take a left at the giant round stone fort:

My friend Harry is doing his Chalk Waves project in the parking lot, and I'll be right nearby. 

If you can't find us call me.

The other projects look amazing, even more amazing than mine. At least one other allows you to throw stuff in the water too!


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