Monday, June 11, 2012

Results from Day TWO 6/10/2012

Day Two was just as much fun. We were pretty beat so we arrived a bit later in the morning, but there were very few people there early in the day.  By noon the place was packed and there was a steady flow of people wanting to make their own sculpture.

People made some more great pieces, and it got more challenging for the artists as the cool pieces of wood were used up.

At about 3:00PM Kate got the great idea to close-up shop and concentrate on handing out the sculptures for people to pitch into the sea. Many of them added their own messages to the pieces - yet another transformation of the wood.

If we do it again.... Day one will be all about making the sculptures, while Day 2 will focus on encouraging people to toss them into the harbor. Ahhh we live we learn.

I love this one... she put the height of all her friends on the stick along with a message.

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